Favorite Reads: Credit Cave

As avid readers of my blogs may know I spend my time between the UK and Australia. Banking in Australia is a little backward compared to European banking (it is actually cheaper for me to run my financial affairs in Australia using UK bank accounts and credit cards than Australian ones, can you believe??) so when I read this credit card story on CreditCave.com it gave me a giggle.

I like to read Credit Cave to keep abreast of financial events in the UK. I found out from Credit Cave back in November that the Bank of England had raised interest rates to 5%… something that has implications on my UK mortgage and finance agreements. It is still better for me to borrow in the UK and spend in Australia, in fact at current rates I could borrow in England and deposit in Australia and make a profit on the difference in interest rates.

The Credit Cave also has some great ‘life’ tips, sometimes we all need to be reminded about prioritising time – it’s not just money and business that are important in this life.

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